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Al-Waha'a is a prominent and respected security

 Is one of the security companies eligible and winning all security clearances necessary for the exercise of security work, the company providing security services to all persons Iraqis and foreigners and able also to provide logistical and technical support and to develop security plans for the protection of sites and convoys and VIPs and movable property and immovable property and transportation routes and tourist facilities and secure protectionfor all visitors to Qatar, as well as ensure the protection of embassies and accessories and mobility, and secure protection for buildings, banks and corporate headquarters and industrial installations governmental organizations and the private sector as well as terminals and tankers of fuel and the company secured the protection of the state departments of official and semi-official, factories, governmental and non-governmental organizations, civil society and the protection of communications towers, pipelines and terminalsrail and our company to erect electronic protection systems for homes, banks, galleries and museums



 Protection (A.S.C):

Our company has a selection of elements (p.s.d.) highly skilled to fight and defend others, and are trained in methods of risk management and protection of dignitaries and processions, and they have all the equipment from uniforms private company, body armor, helmets, pot and equipped with weapons and trained to use it skillfully High and trained unarmed combat and edged weapons and equipped with armored drive led by skilled drivers and equipped with communication devices, cameras and communication systems operations room of the Company and our teams to work in accordance with the plans and considered by the Chamber of the company’s operations.


Risk Management (A.S.C):

Our company provides advisory services on risk management and develops solutions to contain the crisis through advisers at the headquarters of the company.


Security and medical  training  (A.S.C):

Accompanied by security teams (p.s.d.) elements are trained in first aid to single out protection and protected persons and citizens.


The Tactical Factor:

Our consultants and instructors come from various special Forces of different countries, all multilanguages, and with many years of demonstrable tactical experience on the field.


The Educational Factor:

AL-WAHA'A Co.’s pedagogic methods are, first of all, European superior teaching techniques.

The high level of the communications system and the importance of the exercises confirm the value of the

European model that was chosen by AL-WAHA'A Co. which main principles are analyses and strictness.


The Organization Factor:

AL-WAHA'A Co. selected the American system for its effectiveness, reliability and simplicity in real time situations.






 Security protections


Our Service

AL-WAHA'A is a prominent and respected security company.

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AL-WAHA Demining CompanyOur Approach

AL-WAHA Demining Company That participated by a large margin to remove of mines and ordnance in southern Iraq and elsewhere

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 Waha't al-Fayha'a co

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Waha't al-Fayha'a co. of General Contracting  Which participated
  By a large margin in the development and reconstruction of Iraq

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