The company has implemented many projects and similar actions mentioned in the site and which vary between civil works and oil services and public transport, public services and dirt, construction and business casting and digging canals and extending pipes and many business Alakharyemal power of the establishment of electricity buildings and maintenance of substations and extending and expanding networks of cables-pressure High and low., as well as transfer towers drilling and reclamation with the Iraqi Drilling Company with foreign companies and business D pipeline water pumps and filters and RO and installing generators of all kinds as well as working in the field of mechanics work to extend the welding and drilling and buried, and examine pipeline transportation of oil with the South Oil Company, reservoirs and secondary stations and terminals river and monument pumps so we put between your hands these experiences and we look forward to building bridges of future cooperation between the company and you, to offer you all services .. starting to work hard from the moment of the beginning of the project and until the expiry Bstratejaat and work contexts correct that are subject to the controls and severe on both the safety and quality of the product, where is work safety and workers are the supreme value of the company so that it maintains its goal first is the amount of zero accidents and injuries. As for the quality of service and work is the backbone and pillar of the foundation in the interests of the company to maintain customer satisfaction and progress in raising the reputation to the level


Some of our business:

1 - the new Italian monument towers and private a Drillmec company in rehabilitation Square Zubair / 1
2 - Building and Roofing poured concrete rules
3 - extend and welding and drilling and buried, and examine pipeline transporting oil measurement (14) node of the bridge Zubayr near the valve tube (28) held a meeting point of the tube (28) node with pipe discharge oil Scopus (18) node point the (Tie-ln)
4 - set up water stations and sewage treatment in the province of Basra
5 - Establish internal roads station Ds5 - Ds4
6 - Casting and clothing tiling in North Rumaila
7 - Create a shed in North Rumaila
8 - sewage network project Basra and Basra water complex project that our company has in its implementation
9 - the realization of the main ways of tiling inhabited North Rumaila in Basra
10 - tiling and clothing and installing cabinets in the province of Basra, which our company has implemented in the North Rumaila





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AL-WAHA'A is a prominent and respected security company.

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AL-WAHA Demining Company That participated by a large margin to remove of mines and ordnance in southern Iraq and elsewhere

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