The company is responsible for continuing the process of safety conditions to avoid risks that are harmful to the health and safety of people and training to ensure compliance under these conditions. The health and safety program will comply with all formal applications and local rules, regulations and codes and standards in addition to the minimum requirements.Site Engineer responsibilities:Make sure that workers understand the safety procedures.Giving safety instructions to different groups and each group of workers by type of work. Audit reports of the incident when it occurs. Responsibilities of the Supervisor:Examination throughout the day so that workers wear (PPE)Direct observation of workers in confined areasSite Engineer to tell the incident

Tools and hardware:
 The company provides and monitors to ensure that all of the tools used under the recommendations of the product.
Company staff must be trained properly to use the tools operators.All vehicles and equipment on the job site will be equipped with warning Progress attribution.Medical Support:The work site will be equipped with several first aid to a simpleaccident. Group will be trained to use this kit to handle incidents. All workers should know about the location of this number in the work site. Site work will be also equipped with Biangular emergency, there will be Used Ambulance vehicle and a driver for them to go to the medical center closest to the work site.Reports of health and safety:The company agrees with the directors to manage all safety hazards may occur at the site during the performance of the work.Representative of the Inspection and Safety Manager of the
company will make a routine inspection at the site

Active workers of the company would pass through the initial training before beginning work and if someone became too late is to get the same training as others.Worker training will include the following: safety rules will be imposed. any other factor violates the rules will be expelled. Workers should wear (PPE). workers received orders from the management of emergencies. Workers use tools correctly. Workers get the commands on the use of Alscalt and safetyfrom falling. If you injure one of the workers must tell the Old before eaving the site. The company must train supervisors before they go to select the site and give them the following instructions:
1 - The supervisor who allows for a risk to be punished and expelled. 2 - Musharraf's help in any investigation of any incident thatoccurs to one of our workers.


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